Google Calendar does not sync the calendar colors…


I’ve been using cm10.2 for weeks, but Google Calendar on my phone just did not sync the calendar colors on the web version of Google calendar at all.

I tried so many things, but just in vain.

Finally, I found “the” tip here.

The new version of Google Calendar app does not use GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk, but when you install a gapps package, it automatically install GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk. Because of this app, no matter how many times you change calendar colors on your phone, it just reverts the defaul colors, which are usually darker than the web.

So, all you need to do is delete /system/app/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk or disable it, and clear the calendar data and reboot. The solution was so simple… but it took me days to find it.








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